Jasna Sairanen and Kasey Snyder

Pilke luontopäiväkoti 
Kultasepän rakennuksessa
Kultasepänkuja 6
03100 Nummela

Phone: 040 320 5754

Email: info@enkkumuskari.fi

Facebook: @enkkumuskari

Enkkumuskari Nummela
Program Info - Fall 2022

For the Fall, we are offering two groups: 

  • 31 August to 7 December 2022
    (No class week 42)
  • Wednesdays
  • 17.15 to 18.00 (3 and 4 year old group)
  • 18.15 to 19.00 (5 and 6 yea old group
  • 45 minutes per class, once per week
  • Pilke luontopäiväkoti 
    Kultasepän rakennuksessa 
    Kultasepänkuja 6, 03100 Nummela
  • 130€ per child for the 14 week program
    (inclusive of VAT)
  • Parents are welcome to attend the first class, but we recommend children attend on their own after that as long as they feel comfortable.
  • If we are unable to provide in person classes due to health guidelines, we will offer an online class option as a substitute.
  • Instructors: Jasna Sairanen and Kasey Snyder

About Enkkumuskari

With daughters of the same age, Jasna and Kasey participated in children's activities in the Vihti area together. As their girls grew, the moms had trouble finding activities in English. 

As an American in Finland, Kasey's first language is English and she speaks it with her daughters at home. She wants her daughters to feel comfortable using the language with other children as well.  Jasna's first language is Finnish, but she benefits from her ability to speak English fluently and wants her daughter to learn the language too.

From this frustration, Enkkumuskari was born! The moms agreed to combine their skills to create a program that their daughters and other young children would enjoy. 

This music club encourages children to learn English vocabulary and grammar, and prepares them to study the language in elementary school. Children do not need prior experience with English to participate, however the program is also open to native English speakers so that they may also practice the language. 

For more information about Enkkumuskari,
visit our Facebook Page 
or email us: info@enkkumuskari.fi!

Welcome to Enkkumuskari!

We are so pleased to offer this fun and engaging music club
 for children to enjoy in English.

Join us for silly songs, noisy instruments and lots of dancing!

No prior English language experience necessary. 
All instruction and information is provided in Finnish. 
All songs and activities are performed in English.

Enkkumuskari Online

Enkkumuskari Online is not available at this time.
More information coming soon!

Enkkumuskari follows a Total Physical Response language teaching method (by James Asher). 
Each week, new vocabulary is introduced based on different themes. The words are reinforced through songs, dance, and illustrations. Children are not required to memorize vocabulary 
but rather observe and repeat at their level of comfort. 
Some songs and activities will be repeated from week to week to reinforce learning. Vocabulary and songs will be provided to parents for children to practice at home as well.